Heaven’s Meadow

There’s a meadow in heaven where one day I will walk.

There’s a meadow in heaven where one day I will walk.

And the breeze will lift the sweat from my brow.

And brother,  Jesus will be kind as he asks me to sit and talk.

In this meadow from heaven in my mind.

We will spread a tattered quilt made by someone that I loved.

The sun will warm it’s cotton neath my chin.

I will watch the puffy clouds as they move across the sky

Waiting with my savior and my friend.

He bids me to see the flowers growing near our feet.

He hums my favorite hymn  while I rest.

And the rhythm of my heartbeat keeps a steady beat

While songs of joy reflect the reasons I am blessed.

Oh, Lord I am so happy to come to you today.

Over now, but my life has been so good.

Husband, and dear children don’t worry anymore.

Give thanks for the years as you should.

Written by Susan Melton summer 2015

Christmas Memory 2014

I was considering using a Christmas writing I had completed a year ago.  Then, yesterday something happened.


The church was full.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were anxiously waiting to witness the story of Christmas brought to life by the youth of the church.  It was exciting for me, too.  I was visiting this church this morning because my grandchild was to be the baby Jesus.  The holy family was being played by my son, daughter-in law and their 7 week old child.


Smiles all around as the children’s bell choir skipped down the aisle to center stage.  Dressed as shepherds and winged angels they brought into focus the reason we were here.  Jesus was coming!  Get your heart ready for God to be with us, soon.  It was hard to not feel the shift of spirit.  No longer were we adults sedately sitting in church but we were transformed by their exuberant joy into wide-eyed children unable to patiently wait for what we knew was on the way!  Our savior, Emmanuel.


The pageant began with the visitation to Mary and Joseph from the Angel Gabriel.  My beautiful daughter-in law heard the news of the approaching birth.  Then, my son was informed of the future king to be born.  They then left the sanctuary to be “taxed” in Bethlehem.  The narrators paused in their reading of the scripture to let the Holy Family return with the newly born, Christ child.  But, several moments passed with many turning heads glancing at the back door.  Then, suddenly we heard it,… a cry.


The child’s cry echoed through the crowd.  And all at once we heard one of the tiny angels, exclaim, “Baby Jesus!”  And at that moment, it was if it were true.  In that cry we heard the humanity of Jesus.  He did come!  He came as a baby, small and helpless.  He lived, he loved and he dwelled among us.  For unto us a child is born!  The lustful cry of my grandchild touched the entire congregation.  He is born!  Emmanuel, Christ with us!


In awe, we watched the baby in the manger quietly go to sleep as royal visitors from the East and lowly shepherds bowed before the Holy Family.  Our King was born!  We watched for Him.  We readied our hearts.  We saw His humanity.  Now, what will do with this news?


Is it just a story?  Or will we let it change our lives?  Do we keep it for ourselves or do we share it?  A child will lead us.  Will we follow?

Melancholy Funky Junk Can’t shake since gbabies left!

There is a mystery I want to solve.  Why do we suffer and die?

Where is my mother, brother and father?  Is there truly another side?


I saw my mother as she breathed out her last, a peaceful. hopeful scene.

But when father died it shook the earth and life didn’t seem so keen.


Now, brother lived and suffered much as he struggled hard to live.

And at his bed we watched him win the battle God chose to give.


What is the key to understanding death?  Is it worth the contemplating?

Or should we just rejoice and sing of love and life while waiting?


I hold my grands and soak in the love, I don’t want to let them go.

The warmth, the smell, the closeness now seeps right down into my soul.


But still the question flits through my brain, a dart slung by the devil.

if day is done and night has come, what lies beyond the bevel?


In youth we planned we sweated and ran, we woke up feeling worthy

Then age tamped down our best laid ground and planted guilt so dirty


I never guessed we’d walk this road and turn to look behind

to see a trail of forgotten dreams wished upon a time.


And if you think my melancholy verse is proof that I’m not believin’

Then think again, cuz I ain’t stayin here you know I must be leavin’


So death awaits us all you see and to each the day grows dimmer

But pray we must to find the hope to say “we still have a glimmer”. (Robin always said it)


Master Calling

Take Jesus every day

try to open, do His will

Sit and listen

to what He says

Keep your heart, quiet, still


Give over to His words

let them search depths of soul

Home and comfort reign within

Jesus enters, makes you whole


Work today, a day of worth

not just duty, obligation

Rise, begin to understand

needs, atonement, consideration.


Day on earth is just a breath

some are shallow, others deepening

Heaven waits when breath is gone

Labors over, we lie sleeping.


On tomorrow as we rise

joyous morn, angels singing

up to lift our souls on High

Christ is waiting, robe is gleaming


Rest your head upon His knee

Hands on brow gently soothing

Christ’s comfort is needed now

Unseen strength,Grace renewing


When we kneel before His throne

head is bowed, sins are falling

Earth behind, day is done

work is over, Master’s calling.


Miraculous plan

Emmanuel, God with us


It wasn’t that He died

it was that He came


It wasn’t the act of dying

it was the act of loving


It wasn’t His death

it was His life


it was all for love

all for love of me


I have focused on the nails

while He was focused on our souls


I was looking at the cross

while He was longing for my heart


I didn’t realize the plan

Was to love us through our days


God with us,  God with us

to take us to eternity.


Emmanuel, God with us

A miraculous plan.


We needn’t do a thing

to live forever and a day


You did it all when you came

And loved our sins away.


hidden gift

hidden gift 5-2-14


In between the flower pots

a gift of life so new


didn’t mean to disturb the peace,

was only passing through


eggs are blue and speckled,

woven cup is clean


it lies so unobtrusive,

yet now it has been seen.


didn’t mean to disturb the peace

was only there awhile


And when I found this sign of hope

I had to pause and smileImage

Only to be with You

U2: (excerpt)


I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

I have climbed highest mountain

I have run through the fields

Only to be with you

Only to be with you


I have run

I have crawled

I have scaled these city walls

These city walls

Only to be with you


But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for


But, I still haven’t found what I am looking for

the song gave voice to what I am feeling

Every morning I  get up and

ask and seek and knock

I want to see God’s Glory I want to feel the peace

I want to rest on assurance of the claim of eternal life

The song says, I have climbed mountain, city walls, only to be with you.

Jesus you climbed a mountain You tore down the city walls so that we could be with You.

But, on earth I am still searching,  .

I still haven’t found what I am looking for.

My mind knows it.  My heart aches for it.  But, here it can not be found.

Only to be with You.   Only to be with You.



Angel Army Rescue

Angel Army Rescue

wings of angels came today to spare my brother pain

And outside in my garden I watched Heaven clear from rain


the treetops jostled and shook as if touched by feathers unseen

the air swirled and lifted prayers to the saints who have been.


i prayed to God to spare his life, i prayed to God for grace

And in my praying lay it down and stood humbled in my place.


it must have been an army that flew in at half past ten

with medicine and miracles all stuffed into their span


this time they brought an ambulance, a helicopter and it’s crew,

And a team of doctors waiting that knew just what to do.


and now my brother is gathering with family face to face.

Hallelujah, we are singing “Oh how wonderful is His Grace!”



Almost like heaven

When we all get to heaven…

I am not morbid, yet I yearn for a time to be with my mom and dad.   I want to hear my mom laugh again.  I want to see my dad’s blue eyes.  

It’s like this winter will never end and fresh leaves and flowers are so far away that my soul craves new life.  

But, just yesterday I found out that before this year is ended I will be blessed with two new grandbabies.  So, if I go now, I will miss meeting them here on earth.

Today, we read Job in church.  A book I do not understand fully.  Why such suffering, death, disease and financial ruin?  I read, ponder it and still cannot grasp the why.

My life is wonderful.  And my husband and I are humbled by our blessings.  We have lived simply and abundantly.  Our quest from the beginning was to hold on to each other and be happy.

I know people who suffer daily.  I am ashamed at how happy I am.  I am ashamed that on some days I would give it up to go to heaven.  It would be a selfish thing.

Mostly, it is a flicker of longing for the child in me who is lost now.  See, selfish child what you long for.  Heaven is your prize and the cherished feeling you seek will fulfill you there.

But wait, spring is on the way. New life is coming to you in abundance.  How pitiable and vain are your thoughts!  

And today you felt young again as you let that man of yours take you riding with the top down.  The sun was warm, the sky was blue, almost like heaven.

What rejoicing there will be!


Love and Phillip Seymour Hoffman

What I think about love and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
February 10, 2014
If Love would rescue heart and soul and heart ache aimed to kill.
If Love was in his life would he need the needle or the pill?
If Love would lift us up and hold us in his hand.
Then man would come to himself and start to understand.
If Love lies hidden in red print of the book that lays unopened
Then man is doomed to walk this life useless and heartbroken.
But, if Love is shared between two minds a thread is sewn in time.
A connection to last eternally so strong and yet so fine,
The words He said are love songs that were written in the Beginning.
And if written there but still unread the key is lost to living.